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“Examples of subtle biases that harm: when I see someone with mental health issues and I feel I must distance or protect myself from them; when I rely on gossip to tell me about another person without allowing them an opportunity to show me themselves. These are examples of times where I must be extra astute and teasing apart my biases from the truth.”


Asher is a spiritual entrepreneur, human connection coach and Rabbi in Southern California. His story began at home as a young child where all seemed well from the outside. As the youngest by nine years, he felt a horrible sense of abandonment. His loneliness was compounded by his father’s prominence as a rabbi and community leader where the pressure to appear as role models was insufferable. This resulted in a childhood eating disorder and drug use by age 14.

Asher was 33 when he lost his multi-million-dollar business, with the resulting bankruptcy destroying what little self-worth he had as a provider to his family – he had hit rock-bottom. Asher found his road to recovery through the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, where despite the circle of anonymous faces, it was truly the first time in his life he felt the power of shared human connection through service to self and others.

The experience marked the debut of an odyssey of self-discovery, trading ego for vulnerability, and leaving the pursuit of pleasure for the pursuit of meaning. Asher decidedly dedicated the rest of his career to helping others help themselves “restore wholeness” in their lives.

Armed with a renewed sense of self, profound life experience, and entrepreneurial passion, Asher founded Transcend in 2008, building an internationally recognized recovery community. Now sober twelve years and counting, Asher has counseled hundreds of men and women and built a renowned reputation where he is recognized by his three hallmark pillars of recovery; Accountability, Community, Unconditional Love. Read More

Today, he is activating a wealth of knowledge to engage a broader audience with his Connection Coaching Consultancy AsherG, and podcast, Showing Up. Each podcast episode features Asher who sits casually with thought-leaders, celebrities, soccer moms and dads, and other influential guests as an irreverent, approachable mentor to their struggles. Committed to radical honesty, he provokes reflection and self-awareness with his audience and helps listeners examine the changes necessary for lasting success in “self-connectedness”, and what it means to show up in their own life.

Asher is a Master of Connection. His greatest gift is his ability to connect with people from all walks of life to create community through conversation. He also uses his rabbinical training where he explains that the wisdom of Judaism is universal and offers insights and gifts to anyone and everyone. Ultimately, he fosters a society of healing and discovery while accompanying and inspiring individuals to achieve their goals through his infectious passion and expertise.

Asher spends his free time with his five children and has always considered the men and women of Transcend his extended family. He is highly active in his community and enjoys a Southern California lifestyle that embodies wellness, outdoor activity, world travel, and above all else, being deeply grateful.

12 years sober.
1 dozen questions.
Asher G up close.

Twelve years sober is a big deal and for a mensch like Asher, it means sharing is caring. So, he thought he would trade twelve years of Recovery for a dozen unfiltered answers to  anything you want to know about him and his journey. Ask away!

That I’m confident and secure. I too struggle with the belief that I’m a fraud and unlovable. The difference today is that I have the tools to combat.