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Whether you are ready to take your first step towards a new tomorrow or join a thriving recovery community, we will help you rediscover a life of passion, purpose, and meaning. Asher is the Founder of Transcend, a Recovery Community with a collaborative team of medical, therapeutic, and healing professionals. Asher will work with you to define your unique path to long-lasting and successful sobriety One-On-One. His professional family includes the serene and tranquil detoxification & stabilization center of The View, the transformative outpatient programs of Westside Treatment and The Heights, as well as his highly-structured and supportive Transcend Sober Living Communities located in Los Angeles, Houston, and New York. Through structure, support, and the bonds of community, our sober living homes will prepare you for a successful and independent life of sobriety and accountability.



Sometimes we need that extra bit of help to stay focused on our goals and aspirations. Asher and his team of mentors offer a higher level of support and guidance to clients and their families to help navigate the road to a healthy, active lifestyle, recovery, and all-around wellness.  Asher will evaluate and recommend the scope of mentorship necessary to achieve your goals and ambitions. His commitment ranges from full Sober-Monitoring programs to Sober-Living where clients need assistance with acclimating to new lifestyle choices, productivity, and life-coaching. Asher’s mentoring programs are family-style, prioritizing comfort, compassion, and commitment to provide any necessary social services through face-to-face contact, clinical, support, and peer-to-peer intervention.



Asher has encountered clients who need a different style of mentorship and more than a sober living environment can offer. In the spirit of forming a loving community that accepts anyone with the desire for increased wellness, we have designed a specialized companionship program that meets these client's needs in a non-confrontational and impactful way.

Asher assists his clients in developing and implementing a daily schedule revolves around health, wellness and positivity through diet, education, sports, culture, and more. When necessary, he will provide knowledgeable referrals to clinical resources and maintain communication with treatment professionals throughout his client's journey. His companionship is usually rooted in the comfort of the clients’ homes or in a location that we set up for them depending on the environmental issues we are addressing.

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