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Asher G keynote speaker.


Asher’s passion is Creating Community Through Conversation. The size of community or length of conversation are not criteria that will determine the outcome of his audience engagement. If you seek an inspirational speaker for yourself, company or group, reach out to us and our Team will evaluate your goals and desired outcome and we will make a valuable recommendation on how Asher can help you, help yourself.

Asher is a terrific motivational speaker who can both educate and entertain your audience. When being taught to succeed, the best teacher is a champion. Asher is like a superstar athlete in the world of Transcendentalism - a very formal word that describes a very simple idea. Asher empathizes with people, men and women equally, who have knowledge about themselves and the world around them that "transcends" or goes beyond what they can see, hear, taste, touch or feel.

He thrives on telling stories of how and why he was able to rise to the challenge of believing, sustaining and overcoming, the trials and tribulations of his adult life. He is definitely not afraid to tell it how he sees it. Asher is a thought-provoking, stimulating and entertaining practitioner rooted in the notion of self- realization, in the moment, and betting on one’s strengths to ensure a path to success and happiness.

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