Showing up for friends and family with addiction is tough. No one knows this better than former reality star and founder of Families United For Recovery, Andrea Arlington. You might remember her from Pretty Wild on E! (Leslie Mann played her in the movie The Bling Ring) or her daughters Alexis Neiers Haines and Tess Taylor. Today, Andrea is a completely different person than you probably remember her to be.

With two daughters in long term recovery from heroin addiction, Andrea shares her own story of leaving home as a teenager to become a model, having a brother who was an addict, and feeling like she didn’t belong. She opens up to Asher about guilt, shame, how Brene Brown changed her life, the dangers of being a people pleaser, numbing out, healthy boundaries, feeling like a bad mom and how her son-in-law’s brutal honesty was exactly what she needed to change.

Today, Andrea is a Daring Way Facilitator, ICF, PCC Life Coach, a better mother, grandmother and inspiration to others.

Asher talks about how he had some of the same maladaptive behaviors and what lead him to change, as well as why drugs and alcohol are a short-term solution to a longer-term problem.

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