Emily Lynn Paulson was just like Asher—a parent to five kids who had a seemingly perfect life on the outside. She had a thriving business and an Instagram feed anyone would be jealous of. But everything was edited, filtered and Photoshopped (at least in the spiritual sense).

In real life, Emily was an alcoholic who was hiding deep secrets. In this episode, she gets deep about making mistakes and learning to forgive herself, the importance of self-care, sleep, meditation, Catholicism, exercise, making certain things in her life non-negotiable and how she finally got sober.

But perhaps the best lesson here is that she finally learned to stop caring what other people think, which is something most of us struggle with.

Emily also talks about writing her book Highlight Real.

Emily’s sobriety date is January 2nd, 2017! If you’re struggling this time of year, Emily’s story will prove that you don’t need a glass of champagne to celebrate a new beginning.

This episode is a must-listen listen for everyone. Even if you don’t struggle with addiction, alcoholism or being a parent, it’s very easy to relate to Emily’s story.

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