“Don’t buy the lies your mind is selling.” – Asher Gottesman

Thought leader Asher Gottesman is many things, including a father, entrepreneur, and mentor. But nothing in life has come easy to him. The son of a prominent Los Angeles Rabbi, a challenging childhood led him down the road of addiction. But that didn’t stop Asher from having a successful career in real estate. But ultimately, a cocaine habit and all the morally questionable behavior that comes with that lifestyle, caught up with him. Asher went from flying on a private jet to barely being able to pay his electric bill.

After experiencing extreme shame and regret, he began to make plans to end his life. But then someone showed up for him. He had a moment of clarity, decided to get sober and find his true purpose in showing up for others.

Now more than a decade in recovery, he shares his story from the depths of depression, anxiety, and self-hate to helping others turn their lives around.

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