The grave sin of the Golden Calf showed us the greatest level and form of leadership in the history of mankind. That leader was Moses.

What made Moses the greatest leader of his time and still to this day, is that he knew that without his people he wasn’t anything. He led from humility and love, and he led with proper boundaries.

In the Torah, God told Moses that he was going to destroy the Jewish people for building the Golden Calf. Moses told God, “If so, erase me from your book, as I am nothing without my people”. Moses didn’t ask God to just save himself or his family, he asked him to save every member of his community as they were his family too.

Over the past 24 hours, I have witnessed such leadership. I have a friend who asked me to help his business partner whose business is going through challenging times. This partner is suffering terribly and his business partner, instead of seeking to protect his investment and forcing the partner to work harder, saw the man’s humanity and paid for him to go to treatment. He was selfless, and he recognized who am I without my people, who am I if I don’t jump into the water to save the folks who are drowning. I’m inspired and in awe of this person for their selfless, thoughtful act.

Leadership is all about how I can serve others, not about how they can serve me.

How do you define leadership?

As parents, we are the ultimate examples of leadership to our children. It’s our job to show them by example and through action. In previous generations, they believed children must love their parents no matter what. I believe my generation understands that we must love our children no matter what.

Love doesn’t mean I always must support them no matter what, yet I must always let them know that there is a way back, and that my door is never closed.

This week, let’s remind those we love that life is precious. Let’s jump in the water to save our fellows from drowning. If you know someone is suffering, don’t wait for them to ask for help, show up and offer to help. It will mean the world to them.

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