I have the privilege of being back in Israel, and while most people were celebrating the new year with smiles and partying, at midnight on New Year’s the city of Tel Aviv received a barrage of missiles. This is the tragic current reality for my brothers and sisters in Israel.
Yesterday, I went to a rehab hospital for soldiers, and I had the privilege of witnessing and spending time with true heroes who were wounded. These brave soldiers saw their lives flash before them while attempting to save hostages and prevent innocent casualties; they were lucky to live, however some of their family members weren’t as lucky and didn’t make it. 
During my visit to the hospital, the power of community was never greater or more apparent. I saw and listened as the soldiers shared with each other and their families how they are dealing with the tragedies and the real-life traumas that are happening all around them. 
One person spoke of a philosophical idea which has helped me deal with the pain of this world and all that doesn’t make sense. The idea is that we operate within the confines of time, and we only have the ability to see 60, 70 or maybe 100 years and within that timeframe, things may not make sense. Yet in the scheme of things and especially in God’s time, it is just a brief speck. Just as a painting may not make sense if you only see one part, so too life doesn’t make sense if you can only see a small piece. 
Another person said, “How does such a simple explanation give you solace?” To which I said, “Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be complicated; sometimes the comfortable answer or the answer which gives you solace is the right one.”
How do you make sense of the nonsensical? How do you deal with the pain that seems to have no rhyme or reason?
This week, let’s attempt to find comfort and solace in whatever way is easiest. Let’s not overcomplicate things, because it truly doesn’t help.


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