I dare say that we all want to know the future, what will be, how it will all turn out, and what our fortune is to be. On the flip side, we all want to know what challenges we may have, etc.

Many times, I have met with people who have shared with me wild predictions that came true, or knew things about me that seemed impossible to know unless they had superpowers.

I once met a woman who thanked me on behalf of my children’s great grandmother, for taking my son to see the concentration camps so that we never forget the atrocities. I had never met this woman previously, she only knew my first name. I was truly blown away by this, and all I wanted to know is, what will be?!

I asked my Rabbi his thoughts on seeking guidance from people with special powers; let’s call them people with a higher connection. He responded that, yes these people have special powers, yet we shouldn’t seek answers about the future, we should only seek guidance and advice on how to behave and how to deal with our challenges.

I further asked my rabbi, “Aren’t there prophecies in the torah? Aren’t those predictions of the future?”

The Rabbi answered me in a way that I find fascinating. He said that prophecies, future telling, etc. are warnings or suggestions of what will happen if we don’t change our ways, if we don’t exercise our free will, and if we don’t become the agent of change.

Our behaviors, prayers, and actions have the ability to both positively and negatively affect the outcome. This is the definition of free will.

This week, let’s remember that our actions matter. We have the ability to impact the world and ourselves, therefore each and every one of us and each and every one of our actions matters.
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