I have heard the statement, “God is everything or God is nothing” many times, and this week in reading the story of Moshe, I finally got an explanation that felt satisfying.

Most of my life, I understood it as meaning God is omnipotent, all powerful, all being, and the truth. So, if it’s black or white, it’s all or nothing. It can’t be, “God is true but not in all instances” and it can’t be “God does good, but doesn’t participate in the bad.” It’s very possible that we don’t understand God’s way, and that much of what happens and is happening doesn’t make sense. Yet if you believe in God as the almighty, it can’t be 90 percent—it either is, or it isn’t.
This explanation is fine, yet I would like to suggest something else. God revealed himself to Moshe at the burning bush and he told him, “Even though you have a lisp, even though you grew up as an orphan in the king’s home, even with any deficiency you think you may have, you are going to lead the Jewish people out of Egypt; you are going to grow beyond your self-limiting beliefs to be the greatest leader of all time.”

My humble explanation is that we are all created in the image of God, which to me means each and every one of us has a unique talent which we can offer the world, and either all of us have the ability to be great, or none of us do. Unfortunately, this also means that all of us have the capacity for evil, or none of us do. It’s all about how we direct our energy and find the strength that is God within us.

This week, let’s remind ourselves that we are all godly. We all have talents, and all of us deserve love, respect, and kindness. Perhaps most importantly, let’s all tell our limiting beliefs that we can, and will overcome.


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