How do we create permanent change? How do we not only commit to doing what’s good for us and the world, yet stick to it and stay the course?
My teacher once told me that any change which happens because of a world event, unfortunately typically doesn’t stick. 
Remember 9/11? After the devastation, everyone was aware, kind, empathetic, and supportive of one another and what they were going through, only to slowly regress back to our “normal” ways.  
The amount of camaraderie and kindness currently taking place in Israel is unprecedented. People from both sides of the aisle, even those with truly divergent beliefs whom before October 7th behaved as enemies, are today working together hand-in-hand to support the injured, displaced, traumatized, and harmed. 
Witnessing this kindness and empathy has been incredible, yet how do we make this shift permanent? How do we allow people to understand that we are all seeking the same safety and connection, and that we can all kindly provide that for one another? 
Unfortunately, I don’t have a great answer, other than I’m going to try and do it myself. I’m going to seek to make my newfound empathy and desire to help anyone in need into a permanent shift. 
I’m reminded of the story of the gentleman heading to the meeting of his life, yet he couldn’t find a parking spot. He says, “God, if you help me find a space, I promise to be a better man, to be more kind and humble, to never lie, and to be a great father and husband.” A parking spot opens up and the gentleman says, “God, don’t worry, I found a spot.” 
This week, let’s do our best to pick a positive trait and work tirelessly to make it permanent. Let’s remind ourselves that overnight success happens overnight in 20 years.


Accountability, Community, Unconditional Love


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