“Don’t worry about the state of someone else’s soul and the needs of your body. Worry about the needs of someone else’s body and the state of your own soul.” – Rabbi Levi Yitzchok

I look at this statement and it tells me everything I need to know about the intention of my religion and religious beliefs.

I often ask why God has put so many challenges in the world and the short answer is, for us to repair it.

Judaism is a religion of protest. It’s a religion where we don’t accept another’s lot, we strive to make it better. Poverty is unacceptable; that’s why we have charity. Sickness is unacceptable; therefore, we must invest in healthcare. Ignorance is unacceptable; therefore, we must invest in education.

I believe that we each come with a unique gift that we must offer the world, which makes up the jigsaw puzzle that makes the world perfect. If our one piece is missing, the whole puzzle doesn’t work.

I have often said that acceptance is the key to our problems, and while I didn’t come up with this, it truly resonates with me. Yet, I would like to change it; acceptance is the first key to my problems, and now that I have accepted and acknowledged where I’m at, what am I going to do to better my life and the lives of others?

We are part of the divine, which means we can make it better. We are partners with the almighty.

Let’s remember, it’s super important to be happy and accepting of our lot in life, yet we must never forget to strive for more and more. God wants us to have everything, God just wants us to make it happen for ourselves.
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