In the Torah portion of the week, one of the greatest miracles in the history of the world is discussed. This miracle is the splitting of the Red Sea. 
Many have spent time trying to prove that this could have been an act of nature and not a miracle, which could be true. Yet I would say that this line of thought is really missing the mark. 
I have had friends who have asked me if I actually believe that every word of the Torah is true, to which I have responded that I’m not sure, yet to me, it’s the messages that matter; I focus on what I can learn from the story, and how it is applicable in my life. 
For me, the greatest message is that of Nachshon, a hero who jumped into the sea trusting that it would split. To me, the message is that we must trust in God’s and our own ability to succeed; we must trust that the good will happen if we want the miracle to take place. Yet it’s not simply enough to just pray, we must also take action. We must jump in, not foolishly—yet, we must trust and believe that it will work out, and then it will. 
It’s been scientifically proven that people with illnesses recover faster and generally recover when they have faith and a positive attitude. Our abilities are truly boundless if we believe and back it up with hard work. 
This week, let’s have a conversation with our fear and let it know that we will not allow it to hold us back. As long as we jump in and trust in God’s and our own ability, success is well within our reach.


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