In the Jewish tradition, we are instructed to repeat the story of the exodus from Egypt in detail every year and remember it daily. Additionally, on the annual commemoration of Passover, we are instructed to tell our children the story and its significance. We know that we are instructed to share these stories– why though?

There is a Chinese proverb which states: if you want to eat in a year, grow rice; in ten years, grow a life; in 100 years, have children.

Children are the future, and educating them is the key to ensuring that the future is fruitful. To be more specific, teaching children where they come from and their shared story gives them a greater sense of identity and the confidence to reach their potential, as they feel that they aren’t going at it alone.

I feel similarly about suffering. Life is full of it, and as I have shared, I have had my share of personal struggles.

To make sense of my struggles, I share them with others who struggle, so they don’t feel alone. By sharing my story with others, they can be confident that they too can overcome whatever challenges they may be going through.

How do you overcome challenges? How do you deal with suffering? Further, how can we share our story with others so that they can benefit from our experiences?

This week, let’s share our story of recovery. Let’s get a bit vulnerable and share our pain. You never know what someone is going through and how helpful you can be.
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