One of the Ten Commandments and the basis of all Judeo-Christian values is, “thou shall not covet.”

All of the other commandments relate to actions, yet this is a feeling. How can a feeling be wrong, and for that matter, how can a feeling be controlled?

A simple answer is that once I have the feeling, I must decide what to do with it, and the commandment is saying envy is so bad that I must do whatever it takes to get rid of it.

As I think of it, I think The Tablets are teaching us a great lesson, that with contrary action I can overcome feelings.

If I can truly believe that something isn’t good for me isn’t enough, and the knowledge of how destructive the feeling is also isn’t enough, it’s only following through with action that makes it enough.

The question is, what is the action? The action to me is gratitude; truly recognizing who we are and what we have, knowing how fortunate we are for every little detail. If we practice and practice, we can want only what we have and nothing more, therefore not being envious of others.

This week, let’s find the small details to appreciate. I’m going to appreciate my first cup of coffee in the morning, the taste, the smell, and the moment. What are you going to appreciate?

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