I have been thinking of all of the gifts God has bestowed upon me, and about how everything that has happened to me is really for me, as I get to be there with people through their struggles, just as I have struggled.

Of course, I wish that I could have learned some of these lessons without the pain, yet I’m not sure that’s possible, as I wouldn’t have an appreciation and the empathy needed to support people.

I witnessed the greatest miracle this week. I attended the bris of the son of a girl I know, whom I have had the privilege of watching transform from someone who didn’t want to exist, to a beautiful mother and wife and most importantly, a happy human.

She still has her struggles like we all do, yet overall, she is doing amazing.

Witnessing this miracle gives me the confidence that we all can recover.

My question of the week is, how can we avoid suffering for our children and our loved ones? Do you think this is possible?

I think the answer is, A: we can’t, and B: we shouldn’t, as we are handicapping them by taking away their ability to witness the notable benefit of overcoming their struggles.

Instead, I ask what I can do for them, and I give them the tools to handle struggle and suffering. I remind them of the power of a positive attitude and the greater power of helping others.
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