God, prayer, spiritual practice, and soul connection are all ideas I think about daily.

I begin each day with gratitude, thanking God for all the good in my life while turning it over and surrendering the uncomfortable.

Even with this practice, it took me a very long time to come to terms with what I call a “God of my own understanding.”

My childhood experience of God was of some deity that was constantly sitting in judgement, and there was some sort of scale judging all of my actions.

At times, I still start with what I call the “God negotiations”: treat me kindly, etc., if I’m kind, don’t smite, don’t punish me, etc.

Where did this come from? And more importantly, how do we shift this horrible belief?

First, I want to ask what or whom is your God?

Mine is an ever-loving being that loves me more than I can ever imagine and just wants me to be happy. God has no human features, rather humans have Godly features (this could be a whole essay within of itself). Lastly, if I pay attention, God is constantly guiding me. I just need to be receptive.

I think man’s natural inclination is fear, which is a way for us to achieve our ultimate goal: safety. Unfortunately, most of the time, because of fear we seek safety in ways which will kill us.

We, as a society and religion as a whole, have been so fearful that we will lose parishioners that we have led with fear and not love. Ironically, if we lead with love, we would have far more participants.

I think the ultimate question is, how do we lead with love? How do we achieve such a state?

For me, the answer is to get rid of fear and to live with a positivity bias. This means we always assume the best.

Victor Frankl so wisely said, “we only have the choice how to respond.” Do we respond with negative fear, or do we respond with positive gratitude?

For me, the practice of gratitude is what creates the positivity bias; it’s what helps me see God in a positive light.

This week, when sitting in a chair, close your eyes, let go and feel the chair holding you. Appreciate every sensation that comes and the incredible gift that is you.

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