It’s so important that we take time to pause, reflect, decompress, and give our minds and souls time to rejuvenate. Especially today with cellphones and social media, we are always so connected, and we are all being constantly stimulated and distracted.

My teacher Ted taught me that it takes 20 minutes after we put down our phone or device to be present, which means that during the daytime I’m rarely fully present.

This leads me to the Sabbath, where the orthodox tradition commands that people don’t use electricity and focus on their families. The purpose of this is to recognize God’s sovereignty and to take a break from the rat race.

That is a huge challenge for me. I get withdrawal symptoms and worry that maybe I’m missing out on something, yet I also know how important it is to let my mind rejuvenate, and more important, to be fully present for my children.

The question for this week is: how?

How do you decompress? How do you manage to focus and stay present with all the stimuli going on around you?

Do you have a detox process where you get off all devices for a period of time? If so, please share your process with me.

For me, I believe it’s ultimately a fear of missing out, otherwise known as “FOMO”. In reality, when I don’t give myself a time out from my devices, I’m truly missing out on tranquility and presence.

How do you deal with FOMO? How do you eliminate this fear of missing out which can be so destructive?

The best way I have learned to deal with FOMO is by recognizing how good my life is and all the positives in my life. This happens when I stop comparing my insides to your outside.

This week, let’s focus on what we have, instead of what we are missing. Let’s focus on all the positives in our lives.

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