Next week, we celebrate a day known as Lag BaOmer which is the 33rd day of counting from Passover to the holiday celebration of the Torah called Shavuot.

The celebration is because the 14,000 students of Rabbi Akiva stopped dying; these students perished because they weren’t kind to one another. My question is, I understand feeling relief that the massacre is over, but why do we celebrate this?

The celebration is due to the fact that along with 5 students who didn’t pass, Rabbi Akiva was able to rebuild the dynasty and write the entire Talmud, which is considered the source of all explanation to the Torah and the source of all Jewish law.

The celebration is due to the fact that we don’t give up, and we take the next indicated action by putting our next foot forward.

This week, we celebrated Yom Haatzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day. The day before too, is a solemn day, as it is the day of remembrance of the fallen in all of Israel’s wars. This is fresh in our minds right now, as war is still ensuing in Israel, and we still have hostages being held. Still, we celebrate our Independence Day because we know that together we shall rebuild. Additionally, we stand strong, saying no matter how many of you come for us and have come for us, we are still here. We stand here in strong defense—not offense—because we despise death, even when necessary.

Yet we will do whatever it takes to defend our children and their future.

This week, let’s remember how resilient we are and how much we can accomplish together, while recognizing how destructive we can be if we work against each other.

Accountability, Community, Unconditional Love



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