I was part of a very interesting conversation this week, where I could have gone either way. The basic question was: does the cream eventually rise to the top, or do we just think this in order to justify why good things happen to bad people– and the converse, of why bad things happen to good people?

Our discussion was centered around hard work and financial success, around shamans, gurus who are false, and do people eventually get found out?

I would like to separate the various examples, and look at what success is and how we define it.

First, to address financial success: that is truly luck combined with hard work. Paul Reichman’s words said it best, “My financial success was 90 percent luck and 10 percent brains, and I would gladly give up the brains for more luck”.

Regarding the others– false gods, shamans, messiahs, gurus etc., I think the answer is, we as humans need a way to justify the unfair, to somehow make sense of the universe, when in truth, I think it’s more of a personal battle.

What do I mean by personal battle?

Every time we overcome an ordeal, we see that we have more strength than we thought we have. It’s in times of weakness that we turn to people– whether it be romantic, religious, or spiritual– that are not good for us. We forget to trust our inner strength, and we don’t recognize that we have our true intuition to guide us.

When we are in a good place, when we are in tune with our spiritual selves, when our intuition is clear, when we are ready to do the hard work, we see people for whom they really are. We don’t fall for false gods or false idols, we don’t seek out relationships with fake shamans and gurus, because we are able to see clearly; thus, we choose people in our lives in a healthier manner.

I would love to know what you think. Are we only able to see the truth if we ourselves are in a good place? Or, is the world and all success just completely random? How do you make sense of all this?

This week, let’s focus on our inner strength and guide. Let’s work the muscles that help focus our intuition on what’s best for ourselves, and let’s let go of the feelings and people who no longer serve us.

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