Leadership, morality, ethics and beliefs are not always transmitted to the next generation by example. We can be great leaders, we can be moral, and we can be ethical; however, if we don’t spend time with our children and we aren’t present for the next generation, it isn’t a given that they will continue our values.

Now, of course it’s important to help the next generation find their own set of values. Yet there are values that are very important to us, and we have this false narrative that if we live by them, the next generation will live by them too. This isn’t true!

It’s when we teach the beauty of our values, we are present with our community and with our children, and we share why we have such beliefs and live in a specific way, that we have a greater certainty of continuity.

As an example, Moses had a grandson who became an idolatrous leader; how did this happen? What is the message and what is the lesson?

What I have seen in my life and my personal experience is that as leaders, we are sometimes too busy to pay attention to the people who are most important to us. I believe this is for two reasons, one being we are too “busy” and second, it feels good to get the appreciation of our “followers.” On the other hand, our children and our spouses see us for whom we are, with all of our faults, so it doesn’t always feel as good.

The lesson I take from Moses is to remember that just because you are a leader out there, it doesn’t mean you can obfuscate your responsibility to your most important assets. Your children, your spouse, and your loved ones are the most important people, period. It may not always feel as good, yet it’s far more important and ultimately, far more rewarding.

This week, let’s pay attention to our loved ones, to our children. Nothing replaces presence.

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