Hindsight is always twenty-twenty. Many have been asked in their old age, what is important to them? Most people have shared, family, friendship, and service. In addition, most who have been asked if they would have lived their lives differently answer, “Yes, I wouldn’t work so much, I would spend more time with my loved ones, I would spend more time being of service, I wouldn’t worry as much, and I wouldn’t focus as much on materialism.”

The question to myself is how do we live this way before we grow old? How can we get away from that identity and our focus on ego which ends up mattering so much less as we age?

I clearly remember when I decided that my kids must come first. Even though helping people is great, and being kind and being of service is so very important to me, charity and kindness starts at home, even if it doesn’t feel as good or as rewarding. It’s not about immediate gratification.

At first, I lamented and shamed myself about all the wasted time, and it was a heavy lift to gain my children’s trust, yet I must continue to make them first, today and always. Thank God all my kids know that they are first, and it truly feels rewarding and great to be in that position; I’m glad I know I’m a great dad, which definitely wasn’t always the case.

My question is: the other stuff, the false sense that materialism will somehow make me happy, the idea that focusing on and worrying about work somehow will make it better… how do I get rid of that?

For this I ask you for guidance. How do we let go of that focus on identify and ego so that we can focus on what matters most?

This week, I’m going to focus on what’s important and how I can truly be of service to my family first, my loved ones, and then to others.

Accountability, Community, Unconditional Love



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