I have the privilege of helping people help themselves recover from whatever they may be struggling with.

I’ve often said, I gain more than anyone else, especially when I do it without any expectations of remuneration.

I want to talk about two concerns of mine: one being, why do I feel discomfort charging money when I am offering a service?

And two, what do I do when I find myself in judgement of the other person?

I’m discussing both of these issues, because while they may seem divergent in my life, they are truly intertwined; they are both based in negative messages that exist in my head.

Regarding charging money, it’s about a negative judgement around money, and thinking that somehow, I’m devaluing myself or others.

This is similar to when I’m judging someone I’m working with; it’s about me—it’s about me being uncomfortable with their behavior, it’s not about them and their behavior at all.

My conclusion is, when I’m having judgment regarding anything, I must begin by asking myself gently what the judgement is about. What is the negative message I’m giving myself and what is holding me back? Judgement is just information, it doesn’t have to be negative, all it needs to be is a message that there is something I need to work on.

How do you deal with judgement? How do you push through the negative messages that are in your head?

This week, when you begin to judge, instead of coming to a negative conclusion, ask yourself, how can I see this positively? Isn’t it possible that you are just uncomfortable and your judgement is mistaken?

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