Great leaders have many qualities, but humility is usually not one of them. With rare exceptions, they tend to be ambitious, with a high measure of self-regard. They expect to be obeyed, honored, respected, even feared. They may wear their superiority effortlessly—Eleanor Roosevelt called this “wearing an invisible crown”—but there is a difference between this and humility– From the words of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.

I’ve defined true humility as knowing I’m no greater than, nor less than anyone else, furthermore, I don’t need you to tell me I’m okay, and lastly, I’m concerned with the greater good, not just what benefits me. To me, this is humility defined.

Moses was the greatest of all leaders because he truly identified as one of the people. He knew that he was nothing without them, even going so far as telling God to destroy him if God were to destroy his people.

Yet Moses himself said, “I am most humble amongst men,” which means he recognized his role and he knew his responsibility, yet he still knew that he wasn’t greater than anyone else.

The question is, how is this accomplished? How do we not let our success go to our heads? How do we not see ourselves as greater than others, and lastly how do we not seek approval from others?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, as I truly struggle with wanting others to see my greatness, to see how good I am, and others’ opinions of me does make a difference, especially when it shouldn’t.

I believe that the key is to see the greatness in others. Humility is understanding my own greatness, yet I seek out your greatness too. I seek out your invisible crown, and I don’t just focus on mine. This alleviates the pain of focusing on my negativity, since I’m focusing instead on your positivity.

This week, let’s focus on the greatness of others and of ourselves, yet remind yourself that just because you are great, it doesn’t mean you are greater than anyone else.

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