The practice of gratitude is incredibly important; it has actually been proven that it prolongs life by as many as 7 years. This fact is based upon a study published in 2001 that looked at the lives of approximately 700 nuns. Astoundingly, it was found that those who had a gratitude practice lived as many as 7 years longer than those who didn’t.

I have been blessed to have consistently written a daily gratitude list for the past few years, and it has had a vast improvement on my mood, and also given me a unique appreciation for the many gifts that have been bestowed upon me.

All that being said, my practice has at times become habitual, shall I say, and the feeling I had when I first started isn’t always there. I would say I have become complacent, and then every once in a while, I will get that spark, which is usually good enough to keep me going.

Yet I want to dig deeper and ask you, how do you suggest I keep it exciting while truly embodying and embracing those feelings of gratitude? There are so many books on keeping relationships with others exciting and resparking the fire, the question is, how do we do that when it’s a relationship with ourselves and all the gifts we have been given?

What I have been doing, is finding one piece of gratitude to focus on daily to appreciate, and really knowing that each little detail is a gift. This is based upon my belief that it takes focusing on the small details to truly appreciate something.

This week, let’s pick one thing daily that we are grateful for. I will offer a money-back guarantee that it will improve your life.

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