Expectations are resentments that are just waiting to come out. However, the truth is we all have expectations, and it isn’t at all realistic not to have them. To take it a step further, extremes of any emotion aren’t healthy, and in fact they can be deadly; it’s all about the happy medium and finding balance.

The ultimate question is, how do we accomplish finding balance? Especially in a world that becomes more and more extreme in almost every fashion– whether it be religion, politics, or materialism– it seems that the balance or the middle has been lost.

There is a 14th century author by the name of Rabbi Moshe Luzato, who wrote a book called Pathway to the Just. I believe the answer to balance is found in his profound words.

The Rabbi states that his book has nothing new. It is all concepts that we already know and appreciate as beneficial to our lives, yet we don’t practice them. This is largely out of a lack of awareness, it’s not because we don’t believe in these ideals, yet we don’t practice them over and over.

The author continues to say that if you plan on reading this book once, then you might as well put it down right now, as it won’t penetrate and won’t make any difference in your life.

To find balance, to perfect any defect, and to manage expectations, we need to practice spending time with our soul and reminding ourselves that we have everything we need in every given moment.

To expect to perfect anything without practice and hard work is a complete fallacy. Change happens overnight– in 20 years.

This week, let’s spend a few minutes daily focusing on connecting with the part of us that has everything we need. Then, pick an attribute you want to work on and spend 5 minutes a day working on it, and before you know it, you will see the difference.

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