Forgiveness demands introspection, and in most religions, there is a time dedicated to a deep dive into our past year. We then plan for our current year, cleaning up what we can in our lives, and creating space for blessings to come to fruition.

Forgiveness of self and others truly creates that space, as resentment and hate occupy way too much of our brain capacity, making it difficult for us to let in the good.

I’m reminded of a story I have shared before, yet every time I think of the story, it reminds me of how important forgiveness is. I was at a communications workshop in Barbados and the question was asked, ‘what was the most pivotal moment in your life?’ A young woman turned to me and said, “it was the day I went to my perpetrator’s house and told him I won’t forget, but I forgive you. I will no longer allow you to occupy space in my head.” Please know, I’m not suggesting one must forgive. I’m just sharing how forgiveness relieved this woman of a huge burden she was carrying, and in my life whenever I have forgiven, it has released a huge burden for me.

A concept I try to live by, is the notion that it’s not enough to get rid of the bad or negative in my life. I must also be a vessel for the positive. I must take the positive action.

I’m reminded of a story of two couples who couldn’t have children. Both couples went to the great rabbi for a blessing for children. The following year, one couple came back to thank the rabbi, as the other came back to ask why the blessing had not come true for them.

The rabbi brought both couples in together, and asked the one whose blessing came true to share what they did after they left the previous year. The couple stated “the rabbi told us we were having a child, so we rejoiced, celebrated, saved funds, and prepared for our blessing’. The rabbi asked the other couple what they did, to which they exclaimed, “we continued to pray’. The rabbi said, “I guess you didn’t believe the blessing would come true”.

Thus, we need to truly believe that we are a vessel for blessing. Only then, can our many blessings come true.

This week, let’s focus on making ourselves a vessel, so that our greatest dreams, hopes, and prayers may come true.

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