This week is Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. It is also known as the Day of Judgement, where our entire year is decided and decreed in the heavenly courts.

Throughout my entire life, I have come into the holiday with fear, overwhelm, and concern of what will be this year, focused on the negative events of the prior year, fixated on the catastrophes that are our constant companion.

In the past, I have begged God with a deep fear of what may happen, always worried that my prayers won’t be answered.

This year, I’m choosing to see it differently. I’m choosing to see God as my father in heaven who loves me no matter what, who is excited for my prayers and visit, who can be a better judge than any other entity or deity, and who unconditionally loves me.

I’m reminded of a story of two gentlemen who went to a great sage for a blessing. Both of them couldn’t have children for many years and asked the Rabbi to give them a blessing to have children. The Rabbi gave them a blessing and told them that in the coming year, they will have a child. The following year, both gentlemen came back, one to thank the Rabbi for having a child, and the other to ask the great Rabbi why his blessing didn’t come true. The Rabbi called them both in together, and without prompting asked the gentleman who had a child to tell the other man what he did once he left the Rabbi’s house the previous year. He said he went home and celebrated the exciting blessing that the Rabbi gave us with my wife; I saved up money for the cost of a new child and lastly, I prayed every day, a prayer of thanks for the gift that is on its way. The Rabbi then turned to the man whose blessing didn’t come true, and asked him what he did. The man told the Rabbi he prayed for the Rabbi’s blessing to come true. The Rabbi then turned to him and said I guess you didn’t believe my blessing would come true and therefore it didn’t.

God can do anything. Nothing is beyond the infinite, so in order for the blessings to come true, we need to become a vessel for the blessing. Firstly, this means prepare, and second—and more importantly—we must thank God for answering our prayers and for delivering the blessings; we must have gratitude instead of fear that it may come true, this is what I define as manifestation.

This year, I’m going to thank God for the gifts and miracles that are on the way and have already been decided. I’m not going to be afraid to ask The Infinite for every single prayer to be answered as though it already has, since I have faith it will be.

Wishing everyone a sweet, happy and healthy New Year.
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