In an era like today with daily tragedies, how do we mourn and move forward? What are the best ways to deal with such trauma?

Therapy is certainly a huge component, yet how does it become most effective, and what other components are needed in life to ultimately lead to success?

I say success, because I’m hopeful that there can be happiness and joy, yet those are emotions that come and go, so I’m not sure those are what can sustain us and keep us moving forward.

I think the answer lies in the work of Victor Frankl, the founder of logotherapy and a survivor of Auschwitz, who lived until 92 years old. His most famous book was Man’s Search for Meaning, which I believe answers the question.

Meaning, purpose, and finding a reason to continue after the pain, is what gives us a reason to continue living and a reason to heal.

Yes, it’s important to mourn the trauma and to grieve, yet if we don’t find purpose in life, it becomes nearly impossible to overcome the trauma and the grief, making it less worthwhile to continue.

How do you overcome grief, and how do you overcome trauma and move forward?

This week, let’s find meaning in our pain and use it to help and hold space for both ourselves and others.

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