Leadership–especially in these times–is crucial. As a society, we are so polarized and so fractured, and truly in need of a spiritual solution.

For my brothers and sisters who are atheists, I really feel badly, as they must truly be feeling lost and a sense of doom, since on the face of it, we are truly screwed. Yet, as in the words of King David, even if a knife is pointed at our neck, it’s not too late for God to intervene and save us.

Last week, I spoke about empathy and anger.

This week, I want to focus on leading with love, and the ultimate role model for this was Moses.

When the Jews in the desert built the golden calf, God said to Moses that he was going to destroy the Jewish people, to which Moses said, “if you destroy them, destroy me too”.

It’s so important for us to know that we—all of the people on this planet—are all one organism. We are all needed and we are all important, and just because we don’t always see eye to eye, it doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate and love each other. It doesn’t mean we can’t be friends and find ways to coexist.

The key is to lead with love, and recognize that without our fellows, we really don’t exist. We aren’t anything if we don’t have community.

I know this intellectually, yet I don’t always live this emotionally.

My question to you is, how do we both believe this, while living and embracing this ethos practically?

This week, let’s remember that we are all seeking the same thing, safety and security; yet so many of us are going about it in ways that will destroy both. Let’s pay attention to one another, and focus on how I can support you, and how you can support me.

Accountability, Community, Unconditional Love


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