“The test of faith is whether I can make space for difference. Can I recognize God’s image in someone who is not in my image, whose language, faith, and ideals are different from mine?” – Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

I have always been willing to see different points of view, and I have always been interested in learning and listening, and seeing if my mind can change. Truthfully, I have done this primarily for myself, as I’m not always sure of my own beliefs, so I challenge them all the time, seeking the truth.

I have been truly saddened those times when I could not share my beliefs or thoughts with others, without fear of judgement, without fear that I would be labeled too liberal, too conservative, that I would be labeled judgmental, unkind, etc.

Yet I think the answer to my challenge lies in the quote above. How secure am I in my faith? More importantly, how secure am I in my trust in my faith?

To me, faith is an intellectual pursuit. It’s a belief system. Yet to be truly comfortable and open to allowing space for whomever, regardless of their views, I believe this takes trust, which is an emotional pursuit. With the connection between emotion and intellect, it’s a deep knowing that regardless of how things may seem or what I may believe, I’m secure and taken care of because of my trust.

My children trust me to take care of their needs, food, shelter, etc. They don’t doubt it. Yet I have a deep faith in the Almighty I choose to call God, and many times I fear that things may not be okay, which to me, is a lack of trust.

How do you build trust in something you believe in, yet can’t see or feel and is not absolute, since it relies on faith?

I think the answer is exercising the muscle, choosing to trust and then working on that trust daily, and reminding ourselves that no matter what, we are taken care of, even if we can’t see, don’t understand, and have evidence to the contrary. It’s the suspension of disbelief, reminding ourselves that somehow, sometime, some way, we will understand and see that we were and are taken of.

This week, let’s find the ways we can choose to trust in ourselves and others, and therefore gain an ability to see another point of view, another belief, without it being a threat.

Accountability, Community, Unconditional Love


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