I’ve always wondered how people can think it’s okay—or even worse, warranted—to kill in the name of God or religion.

My teacher, Ted told me recently that most humans, even if faced with being killed, won’t kill another unless their DNA is challenged, which I believe means unless their children, siblings, or other family is at risk. This is why the Army encourages soldiers to see each other as brothers-in-arms, since many of us would do anything to defend our family. Additionally, this is one of the reasons so many veterans suffer from severe PTSD, depression and extreme loneliness, because they’ve lost their family, and their family of origin can never compete.

The Japanese had a beautiful ceremony they would engage in after wars, during which they would gather, have a parade, take off their armor and reengage with their families.

To go back to the original topic re: killing in the name of God, this is something that has been happening for centuries. I think the powers that be who suggest this horrible idea—or may I say, ideal—train their followers to see religion as part of their DNA, thus by killing others in the name of their religion and God, they believe they are saving their families, their loved ones, and even listening to or elevating God, which in truth, is the antithesis of what God would want.

God wants compassion, kindness, love, mercy, lack of judgment, and forgiveness. The only time killing is permissible is to defend your family; offensive killing is never an option.

Hillel, the great sage was asked to teach the Torah on one foot and he said, “Don’t due unto others as you wouldn’t want done unto you, the rest is interpretation.”

This week, let’s look at each other and the human race as our DNA, which we risk obliterating when we kill in the name of offense. Let’s be kind, compassionate, and treat others as we want to be treated.
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