In a world full of deceit, uncertainty, goals which we believe will make us happy yet don’t, opinions, political and religious views and divides, pain and suffering, he said and she said, and ultimately a complete lack of clarity, how do we decipher what’s right and how do we find our way?

I’m reminded of a story where a therapist was brought to the Rabbi with a husband and wife who were his clients, to help resolve a disagreement. First, the husband presented his side and the Rabbi said, “I see your point and you are right.” Then the wife presented her side and the Rabbi said, “I see your point and you are right.” Lastly, the therapist said, “If they have a disagreement, how can they both be right?” To which the Rabbi responded, “I see your point and you are right.”

We all believe we are right, which makes coexistence almost impossible. Yet, as people here in the diaspora, we can know one thing which we can be sure is right: empathizing with any innocent pain, supporting the diminishment of suffering, and recognizing that we know we aren’t God, and therefore we don’t know all the answers.

We also know that we must be angry at all evil, and we must never condone evil under any circumstances.

I think what the Rabbi was teaching us, was to try and see each other and not be dismissive just because we disagree. We must find compassion and empathy, even when defending, and we must not give in to our desire for retaliation or retribution, yet we must protect safety—no matter what.

To me, clarity is love and kindness. To me, clarity is—as I said last week—don’t do unto others what you wouldn’t do unto you. To me, clarity is seeking to understand, and not condoning poor behavior.

This week, I’m going to seek internal clarity. I’m going to choose to behave in ways that I want others to behave, and I’m going to be an example, a leader, and not a follower.

Accountability, Community, Unconditional Love


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