The Torah known as the Old Testament is full of incredible lessons and stories. Whether you believe the content is real or not, the metaphors and deeper understandings are lessons that are valuable and help guide us toward a fulfilled life.

There is a story of God asking Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac. How could a benevolent God, the greatest love of our lives ask anyone, let alone his favorite, to sacrifice a child

Ultimately, the angel tells Abraham to sacrifice the ram instead, and all ends well.

Yet the question still stands, what is the lesson?!

I believe God is warning us that people will do all sorts of horrible things in the name of religion, even going as far as killing a child, actions that unfortunately continue to happen today. God is saying absolutely not, kill the ram, don’t hate in my name, don’t hurt in my name, and don’t ever sacrifice a human in my name.

I think there is an additional beautiful lesson here. When the action of sacrifice and harming Abraham’s child is mentioned, it is said that God spoke directly to Abraham. Yet with the kind act of sacrificing the animal instead, it was an angel that commanded Abraham. Why wasn’t it God this time?

The subtle yet really important message is, if you are going to act harshly, you better make sure it’s appropriate, as God only wants you to act peacefully. Yet if you are going to do an act of service, don’t worry who suggests it, don’t contemplate it, just go ahead and do it.

This week, let’s seek out opportunities to be kind and just do them. This will fill our souls and the souls of everyone around us.

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