I’m extremely curious how each individual—regardless of belief—makes sense of the non sensical in this world. How do people process these things? Furthermore, what are we doing here on earth, and lastly, is this it?

I was having a conversation with a friend last night and she was saying that her friends believe in the concept of karma, ascribing to the belief that eventually the proverbial “they” will get theirs.

Personally, I’m not sure if they will get theirs. What I choose to believe, is somehow I will get mine—in the positive sense, not the negative sense. Meaning, if I behave in congruence with my soul, if I treat others kindly, if I make an amends when I mess up, then I will be granted a peaceful life regardless of what comes next. To expound further, it’s important not to focus on them; at the end of the day, what happens to someone else from a karmic perspective doesn’t matter, what matters is taking care of our loved ones, caring for our brothers and sisters, and making sure we are all physically and spiritually enriched.

If I had to share my spiritual beliefs and offer an explanation of what we are doing here, I would suggest that our time as a psychical being happens in the blink of an eye, meaning our physical time is very short, yet our nonphysical being–which I choose to call spiritual–is eternal. In my humble opinion, our job here is to collect soul points in a world that mostly doesn’t value soul points. Part of that is fighting off urges to act in ways that feel good yet aren’t good for us, and finding actions that both feel good and are good for us. Ultimately, we must see all of us as one organism, and make sure we are seeking ways to take care of everyone.

I have often said I feel badly for atheists, since at least I have something to blame for the problems of this world that are beyond comprehension. I want to apologize, as I know this may sound judgmental, yet in reality, I’m curious to know how atheists make sense of this world, and I would be honored if someone would share that with me.

This week, let’s focus on what we do control, which is whether we shall focus on the positive or the negative. Let’s choose the positive.
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