I’m in Israel this week, and yesterday I had the privilege of going to the hospital to visit with some of the injured soldiers and their families.

I’m blown away by several of the experiences I had yesterday and I will carry them in my heart forever.

The first thing that struck me was the power of community and connection. Throughout the entire time I was at the hospital, singers showed up to play and sing, strangers showed up to bring gifts, food, and to uplift spirits, and furthermore, the soldiers were never made to be alone.

When we show up in service—which I define as showing up for someone else without any expectations—the spiritual power is truly otherworldly.

The families I visited with, who on face value have little in common with me, were so happy and encouraged by a visit from an American showing them that we care, that we appreciate their efforts and service, and showing them that their sacrifice doesn’t go unnoticed. I can’t express how many times the family hugged me, told me how much they appreciated me, and how the visits truly give power and life to those who are suffering.

The second experience that amazed me was that in the same unit as Israeli soldiers being treated, so too were injured Palestinians being treated equally as well, side by side, visitors side by side. Where else in the world would you see the enemy treated with equal love and safety like our brothers and sisters in Israel?

Lastly, when I walked in I had imposter syndrome; I was asking myself, “What am I going to say? What do I have to offer, and who am I to just show up from America to visit those who are risking their lives daily?”

Well, once again the story in my head couldn’t have been less correct. Firstly, the fact that I showed up from across the world was so meaningful to these families. Second, within minutes we found people in common we knew and originations we supported. Thirdly, the power of community absolutely lit up the room.

This week, just show up. You have no idea how powerful you are.

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