I spoke about my experience in Israel last week, yet that was before the miracle I witnessed Friday night and witnessing the incredible gift that technology is.

On Friday night as I was praying at the Western Wall, the sirens went off, suggesting a rocket was on the way. People started running for safety and many seemed very scared, yet I felt eerily calm as I looked around and said to myself, “this wall has been here for 4,000 years and it’s not going down.” Yet when the soldiers asked us to move towards safety, I listened, as I didn’t want to be that guy that needs to be defiant. Moments later, I witnessed the Iron Dome, which is Israel’s laser anti-rocket system, blow up the rocket in mid-air.

Watching this miracle gave me pause to think about what Israel would be if it didn’t have the Iron Dome. Thousands of rockets have been fired at Israel, and without this technology, Israel would have been decimated. I sat and prayed in gratitude for the safety that God has sent us called the Iron Dome, and at the same time, I recognized how vulnerable we are in Israel, as we are surrounded by enemies from all sides—north, south, east, and west—rockets flying, and yet we continue to survive and thrive.

Sunday was the hardest day of the trip. I went to visit a dear friend who lost his son on October 7th, and when I was there, he pointed out how many other people in his neighborhood lost children, siblings, and family, and continue to lose loved ones as this war continues.

I just sat and listened as I didn’t have any words of wisdom. How can I? A parent isn’t supposed to lose a child. That is unexplainable and the pain is enormous and unimaginable. Yet what I was able to do was show up, be there, and listen.

Sometimes, the greatest gift we can offer someone is our presence, showing up, and listening. I have heard from so many friends of mine who have suffered tragedies, that people don’t call and definitely don’t show up, because they are scared that they have nothing to say. That is perhaps the worst thing you can do. People need us when they are struggling and suffering, and showing up and just being there shows you truly care.

This week, find someone who needs it, and just show up and listen.
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