I have found in my life—both from what I have witnessed in my work and in my personal life—that we are so much more comfortable being in the discomfort we know, rather than explore our potential for greatness, when it takes us out of our comfort zone.

I have had the privilege of being involved with an organization that helps the houseless to get employment and housing, and what they have told me is that the hardest day—and the day when people usually go back to being houseless—is not after securing employment, rather it is when they finally get a home. The story I make up, is that the responsibility is so scary, and the change—even though it can be hugely beneficial—so dramatic, that they would rather live with the discomfort of being houseless.

In my life, whenever I try something new, whenever I venture outside of my comfort zone, I get incredibly fearful, and I start experiencing imposter syndrome. Even if intellectually I know all will be okay for me emotionally, it is so scary, and I would rather stay in my uncomfortable comfort zone.

How do you push yourself beyond your own personal comfort zone?

I find that when I have a team of people that I check in with to make sure that I’m bettering myself, that I’m aware of the risks involved, that my team isn’t composed of just ‘yes’ people, rather people that are there to be realistically supportive, that I am able to venture out of my comfort zone and achieve the true success that God has in mind for me.

Remember, it is not supposed to be easy! Nothing truly great ever came out the easy way.

This week, just spend some time with yourself, finding where you are sitting in your comfort zone, where you are lacking the faith in yourself to achieve your true potential, and then take the first step towards your greatness.

Accountability, Community, Unconditional Love


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