How often do we say this to ourselves: if only “this” then “that”. If only I was richer, smarter, prettier, etc, then my life would be so much easier, better, happier, etc.
Too often I think that if I only had more [insert x], then I wouldn’t struggle with my greatest ills – addiction, depression, self-doubt, management of my finances, etc.
Intellectually I know this to be a false statement, but the weight of my insecurities and self-pity create a blocker. And I lose sight of that which drives me forward. That reminds me of how fortunate and blessed I truly am.
I read an article that reminded me of the power in perspective. While it seems trivial, the article called out how people with large jets often make fun of people with smaller jets. How ridiculous is that?! It dawned on me that no matter how much we accumulate, humans have a terrible tendency to rely on comparisons to gauge our worth. The value of our lives.
What a trap. Because there will always be someone who has something you don’t have. If you spend all your energy looking for what you don’t have, you will surely find it. There will always be someone who has more, seems happier, smarter, funnier, etc.
Similar to exercise, dieting, or learning a new skill, we must practice habits that counter such negative reflexes. Change does not occur without repetitions of practice and patience. The distance from my mind to my heart can sometimes feel miles long, yet I find when I practice gratitude and patience, I recognize all that I have to be grateful for. And when I focus on what I have instead of what I don’t, I find how lucky I am. I find peace and contentment.
This week, please take many moments to appreciate what you have. A teacher of mine said, “We didn’t come here to eat pizza”. Life isn’t about the material toys and prizes. Life is about the journey through our struggles and the gift of the lessons and strength we accumulate along the way.

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