For me, clarity is equal to peace. Peace of mind. When the heart and soul cease their worrying. Though, to arrive at a place of clarity requires intention and action.
This week, I was reminded that while I can have faith in my belief that the universe will grant me what I need and that what should be will be, I must remain a diligent participant in my own destiny.
You see, I have done a lot of forcing in my life. Forcing things in both my business and personal life. I have stayed in relationships for too long, ignoring the warning signs. I have forced myself into business partnerships without fully thinking them through. All because I was so fearful that I’d miss out on the winning horse. The right, best person.
I recall being in a business relationship with someone who was dishonest. Instead of walking away and recognizing the situation for what it was, I stayed in it out of fear. After all, what if this person hit it big?! The faithful action would have been to have an honest dialogue with this person and cut my losses while I was ahead. Instead, I didn’t say anything, which made me complicit and ultimately caused me much more harm.
You know what they say about hindsight…But seeing the experiences and events in your life through a clear lens can happen in real-time if we anchor ourselves in honesty and humility. If we swap out ego and greed (or whatever clouds our judgment) for logic and reason.
This is our responsibility to ourselves. While I place immense trust in my higher power and in a universe that has a plan more grand and powerful than we can imagine, I also take great ownership of the power I have. The power of my thoughts and actions to impact my outcomes.
This week, let’s surrender responsibly. Understand that we can not micromanage or determine every variable in life, but that we are incredible agents of change. When our choices are driven by integrity and principles, we can, and should, have faith in the outcome.
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