How do you stick to your commitments in the face of discomfort and impatience?
We’re coming off the heels of our 2020 New Year’s resolutions. While most of us left the gate strong, resolute in the changes we’d stick to in 2020, I would guess that most of us are also slowly losing speed. And if you’re not, I kindly encourage you to keep reading.
I started a course Called MBSR ( mindfulness-based stress reduction), based on the teachings of John Cabbot Zinn. In theory, the principles of MBSR are fantastic; the practice of mindfulness is highly effective. Yet, in practicality, the commitment has been overwhelming. My negative self-talk has been extra vocal as I attempt to incorporate MBSR into my daily routine. It tells me I’m not good at it, that I will never truly be mindful. So why try at all? Still, I know from past experiences that when I keep with my commitments I get invaluable benefits.
So, I ask you all. How do I break the pattern for real? How do I correct for my natural tendency to want to give up early on, before I’ve given enough effort and allowed for enough time to see the benefits? Essentially, how do I develop a pattern of patience?
In my recovery, I have learned that the hardest changes to make are more often a marathon than a quick jog. You can not expect your transformation to happen in a day or a week. It can take years to feel like you’ve truly realized the version of yourself that you were after. The heart, soul, and mind take time to reprogram.
So, I turn to you, my community, for tips on how you do it. How do you keep at your commitments despite impatience, doubt, waining interest, or negative self-talk? Whatever those tactics are, I think we’d all be grateful to hear them.
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