The opportunity for connection and purpose is all around; important moments happen every day. It’s just not every day that we notice them. Last week I did.
I go to Israel every year to visit my father’s gravesite on the day he passed. During this trip, I visited a drop-in community center, called Zulu, for troubled youth. These youth are primarily from very religious homes. Many of them have been rejected by their hyper-religious families. They’ve experienced and survived terrible traumas. Many of whom are now battling addiction. Society has deemed them “at-risk”. And the lack of unconditional love and community has put them at risk and a great disadvantage. Nevertheless, all are beautiful souls and deserve to be safe, loved, and to feel connected.
While at Zulu, my dear friend Avi told me the story of a girl who suffered something horrific. This experience shattered both her sense of safety and connection. Avi would never share the girl’s name and I would never ask. But the story stuck with me, so I closed my eyes and I asked God to please introduce me to this girl if I was able and meant to help her in some way.
As I was leaving, Avi asked me if I would light the Chanukah candles. As I approached the candelabra, a girl came over to me and asked if I would silently say a special prayer for her while I lit the candles. I asked her if she wanted to light them, to which she said, “No, just please have me in mind”.
During my prayer, something compelled me to connect with this girl. I told her I had no idea why, but I believe we are supposed to be in touch. I gave her my phone number and let her know to reach out for any reason. We conversed for a few minutes and, as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, this was the girl in Avi’s story.
I don’t know in what capacity we will be in each others’ lives. Nor can I be certain that we will ever cross paths again. But at that moment, I listened to my soul. To my higher conscious. I now have the potential opportunity to be of service to someone in need. And she has, I so dearly hope, the slight comfort of knowing that someone out there is in her corner. I’m hopeful that someday I can witness her recovery in some way, shape, or form.
The power of prayer and manifestation is real. When we set an intention, a desire to do anything, God listens and nudges us to accomplish our goal. Our wish. Now, we must remember that the answer to our prayers is sometimes “no” or “not yet”. Sometimes we need more time, reflection, and work to be ready to undertake that goal or journey. We must be open to the change; our hearts and minds need to be primed for it. Gratification is almost always delayed.
This week, I encourage us to create a vision for our ideal selves. To imagine what our goals look like fully or partially realized. Let’s set our intentions and commit to small actions each day that support them. Trust in your power of prayer, in your power of intention, and in your power of manifestation. Let that power drive you forward.
Accountability, Community, Unconditional Love