I started a new practice this week, and I’m curious about your feedback.

I pray every day, and most of the time in my prayers, I ask God for sustenance, health, and wellbeing for my family. I pray for the pain and suffering to end; I pray for peace and prosperity. Additionally, when I’m sad, or in pain or suffering, I ask for relief.

We all have dreams and goals, and this week, instead of asking God to fulfill them, I started a new practice wherein I thank God for making them happen. I spoke to God and acknowledged that my dreams and goals are happening– I’m living them on a regular basis.

As humans, I believe that our faith and belief in partnership with God many times– yet not all the time– brings the blessing into reality.

I have always been taught to pray for guidance, acceptance, and for God’s will. Today, I thank God for his will to fulfill my hopes and my dreams, and allowing me to do what I was born to do without constraint.

My questions are: Am I making a mistake? Is blind faith the answer? And how will I react if my prayers don’t come true after believing that they will– and furthermore what if what I want isn’t what’s truly best for me?

How do you grapple with these existential questions?

I have decided to change it up a slight bit; I have decided to thank God for all that I have and will have. I also choose to trust that whatever ends up happening is for the best, and still thank him for the gifts that are coming my way even before they happen.

This week, let’s pray and thank God for the peace we deserve and the tranquility that we so desire. Lastly, let’s pray for each other–instead of just for ourselves– and believe that our prayers will be answered positively.

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