When it comes to religious observance, dieting, sobriety, and exercise– at least in my life, I tend to go to extremes. I don’t have a middle ground, so I’m almost always either all in, or all out. However, I have found that in order for me to win the war– not just the battle– I need to slow down and conquer one thing at a time.

Over time, I have learned that I perform best when I refrain from just jumping all in. With regards to sobriety, I obviously can’t drink, yet I don’t have to be a zealot in order to truly accomplish my goal. The real question is: How do I find the proper balance? And, how do I move forward– just not too quickly?

Many theories and ideas throughout history have ended up coming true, yet none before we were ready for them. So, my question to you is: How do we become ready? How do we find that balance that allows us to make ourselves vessels for success?

Personally, I try to live by the motto or cliche, ‘it’s the journey, not the destination…’

I believe that as long as I’m moving forward– regardless of how slowly– it’s better, and definitely more sustainable than trying to conquer it all in a day. The key is to take baby steps; to walk before I run, and to remind myself that the more I practice, and the more slowly I go, the more likely I am to succeed.

The real key though, is not to use ‘going slowly’ as an excuse to stay stagnant.

To accomplish this, I have people in my life that hold me accountable– people I choose to call my leaders or accountability partners. Whenever I begin to veer off course, these are the people that help me get back on track.

How do you keep yourself honest when it comes to staying the course? Additionally, do you believe there is value in having an accountability partner? Why or why not?

This week, let’s be patient with ourselves. Let’s take the time to go slowly and respect our journey. As long as we stay the path, let’s not worry so much about our pace!

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