Sometimes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Truthfully, intentions are important– yet ultimately more important are our actions, and our ability to adjust when our intentions are leading us to actions that have us veering off course– or even worse, are damaging to others.

I am referring to cancel-culture. I want to start off with the premise that the intention of cancel-culture was to rid society of hate, racism, and bigotry, and to treat all people equally. Unfortunately, what has happened is that we have stopped giving people the benefit of the doubt, and we have forgotten about, or ignored due process. Truly, one of the major, guiding principles that has made our country the best in the world is ‘innocent until proven guilty’.

This past week when saying a joke, I genuinely innocently said something that could have been misconstrued as derogatory, and I was told that is enough to be canceled. Firstly, I felt very badly that I had said something that was offensive, and my second thought was that neither I nor anyone else is allowed to make a mistake. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not racist, bigoted, or hateful toward any group, yet society is so quick to judge. As a result, I need to be extra vigilant– yet, I wish I could trust people to correct, redirect, and give the benefit of the doubt.

On the positive side, I can always benefit from being extra careful in how I treat my fellows, yet I am asking society, the world in general, and cancel-culture specifically, to please give us a break.

How do you feel about cancel-culture? And, do you believe that all people should be granted the benefit of the doubt?

This week, let’s not immediately condemn. Let’s give the benefit of the doubt, and let’s remember that we are human, which makes us– by nature– imperfect beings.

Accountability, Community, Unconditional Love


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