This week, the Jewish tradition celebrates the holiday of Passover, a holiday commemorating God bringing the Jewish people out of slavery and into freedom.

I am so grateful for my freedoms– yet, at times I have been a slave to my mind; a more emotional type of slavery to be sure, yet one that I must consciously work on so that I may remain free.

I have always said, “…if only I was wealthy enough to drive a Camry”, and what I meant by that, is if only I did not care about materialism, I would be so much happier– I would feel so much more free.

My slavery is two-fold. It is attached to materialism, even though I know it does not make me happy, and furthermore, I sometimes tend to measure my insides by other’s outsides, even when I know that each and every one of us has our issues, and even knowing that I have the correct tools to handle my own challenges.

How do you rid yourself of your attachments to the things that do not serve you?

I have found that gratitude for what I do have has always been my greatest armor against my ‘slavery’, with prayer being my second most important piece of armor.

What I heard this past week which I found profound, is that gratitude is ‘praying for what we already have’. This resonates with me greatly, as I find that when I focus inward, I am the luckiest man in the world.

This week, let’s focus inward and not outward. Let’s pray for what we already have. And finally, let’s remember that happiness is truly an inside job.

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