Over the years, I have often wondered what transpires for us in the afterlife. What do we bring with us? What does the almighty truly care about and value? What accomplishments of ours are deemed most important?

During this period of crisis, many people have had near-death experiences. I have been thinking  that if I could see what the experience was like for them, maybe it would grant me a better glimpse as to what I should truly be paying attention to in my life.

I recently watched a video of a gentleman who had just come out of a coma after four-and-a-half days. This man bravely shared his near-death experience, and his story truly resonated with me; I hope it does for you too.

To summarize: this gentlemen pictured himself sitting in a tribunal, wherein he was being judged for his merits. As an orthodox Jewish man, he had expected that at this tribunal he would be judged on his observance of the biblical commandments, but in truth this is not at all what happened. Rather than focusing on his observance of faith, the tribunal asked him about and brought forth all of his pure acts of kindness. The tribunal asked this gentleman: How did he love his neighbor like himself? How was he of service to his fellow, without any expectation of reciprocity?

I have posited that all religion is virtuous, as long as it is a way of treating God’s children with love and kindness. However, I am also of the opinion that once we utilize religion to separate us from our fellows, we have lost God’s entire intent. Furthermore, I truly believe that unconditional love in this world exists only when we are of service– the act of helping, or even just being there with someone, without any expectations.

This story confirmed this for me; it showed me what I must do to nourish my soul, and how I may transform and elevate my being.

Additionally, this elevation and transformation is something that anyone is capable of achieving. It does not require money, intelligence, or status; all it requires is being human– it requires presence, and the desire to be loving to our fellow human. It is a universal truth, regardless of one’s religious beliefs.

If we elect not to learn the lessons set forth, then this entire pandemic shall have been in vain. While this pandemic is an undeniably horrific event, we can glean value from it if we employ the trauma we experience to transform ourselves, and to elevate our souls.

This week, take the time to perform at least one act of kindness without any expectation of remuneration– I promise you, you will feel fantastic, and your soul will be reinvigorated.

Accountability, Community, Unconditional Love


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