Holiness–what exactly is it? Be holy, act in a manner that commands respect and doesn’t demand respect, treat others as you want to be treated; these are all mottos to live by. The most important one for me is the words of the Sage Hillel, “If I’m not for myself, who is for me, and if I’m only for myself, then who am I, and if not now, when”?

How do I accomplish such a high and lofty goal of being holy?

First and foremost, what do you suggest? What are the foundational behaviors I must abide by consistently to achieve such a lofty goal of holiness?

The bible suggests it’s possible for every single one of us to be holy. As the verse states, “let us make humans in our image”. Not just one specific person, but everyone is created in a Godly image– therefore, we are all holy from the beginning, yet what must we do to remain in that state of holiness?

I believe it boils down to humility. Now, what exactly is humility? To me, true humility is believing that I’m no greater than nor less than anyone. I am holy, just as you are. I am worthy, just like you. I’m as responsible for my actions just as you are, not any greater or better, and certainly not any worse.

My ego works in two distinct ways. It either tells me I’m better than and I can get away with it, or I’m worse than and therefore what’s the point in trying? My life’s motto, based on the words of Hillel, means I’m responsible for me; I’m right sized, I’m not greater than, and I’m not to sacrifice myself for anyone.

In summary, holiness is accepting my gifts, my challenges, my successes and my failures, and then standing up and behaving in a responsible, humble manner, which I call Showing Up, no matter what.

This week, let’s show up as our authentic selves, with all of us, every piece.

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