I write a gratitude list each morning to recognize all the positive in my life. It is the first act of my day; a foundational part of my practice to live well.
One of the items on my list is that I’m grateful for the struggles and obstacles as they have inspired me to grow and make positive changes in my life.
This was until about two weeks ago when a relative of mine shared with me a different perspective. He suggested that it is one thing that we can be grateful for our struggles. It is another thing to maintain such strong faith that you no longer conceive of your hardships as struggles.
Now, two of his children have been sick for the last few years with illnesses that could have been lifethreatening. I asked him how he could possibly keep this perspective. How could he not struggle through such challenges?
He responded that he is a man of incredible faith in God. He echoed a common sentiment – that God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. And that, for reasons beyond us in the moment, there is purpose in our pain.
People often ask me to help them understand their challenges and why they happened to them. Whether it’s a child with mental illness, addiction, or trauma. My response is that I simply do not know why. It is not my place to suggest a reason for their hardship. But what I always say with absolute certainty is that they have everything it takes to survive their struggle. That they have the strength to step through their struggle and emerge the victor. And that there is a God who believes this as well.
This week, let’s spend less time asking “why” things happen to us and instead lean on our faith, courage, and humility. The question of “why” is nearly impossible to reconcile and often causes more pain. Remind yourself that the power of choice is always yours.
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