I’m experiencing a sort of existential crisis, and I would love your feedback and opinions, as I believe this is something that affects all of us.

I’m blessed with the privilege of helping people help themselves. This is typically easy, as I know I’m not in charge, and I make it clear that each individual is the leader; I’m just there to help them accomplish their own goals.

Around two years ago, I became the conservator of a wonderful young man, which means I’m basically in charge of his mental wellbeing. He is someone who refuses to take medication, and sadly chooses on his own volition to be homeless and use meth. Additionally, when he is unmedicated, he experiences hallucinations and extremely negative thoughts toward himself and others.

After a year of trying various lower levels of care, and even after multiple hospital stays, I had the hospital transfer this incredible human to a long-term, locked facility. This means he is being held there against his own will and his personal desires.

My crisis is: he hates it; he claims he is happiest on the streets with his drugs. Who am I– even though court approved– from a moral perspective, to decide what is best for him? Yet, on the opposite side, if I allow him to do what he wants to do now, in his current state he will likely die within 12-24 months. This wonderful young man isn’t even 30 years old.

I choose to believe that God allows me to have freedom of choice, and many times I make choices that aren’t in my best interest. I’m not choosing things that will necessarily kill me–nor are they choices that are frowned upon by the law and society– yet they are items that I need to repair.

How would you feel if someone took away your basic rights? If they are trying to protect you, does that make it justifiable?

Please let me know your thoughts; what would you do if you were in my situation? And for that matter, what would you want done if it was your child or loved one that had a psychotic break or mental illness?

This week, let’s be grateful for all the freedoms we do have. Truly, it’s so much easier to focus on the negative; instead let’s practice gratitude and focus on all the positives that surround us every single day.

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